Emergency Cash Assistance

Essential information

International organizations UNHSR, UNICEF and IFRC provide financial assistance to people who left Ukraine. This is a limited support to meet basic living conditions while staying in Slovakia. It is not possible to combine this service with the material need benefit.

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Conditions and process of obtaining financial assistance

UNHCR registration

UNICEF and IOM are also providing carer´s allowances and support to carers of Ukrainian adults and children with severe disabilities living in Slovakia.



People with disabilities

As far there is a household member (child or adult) with a severe disability who needs assistance, UNICEF or IOM can provide them with a carer´s allowance. In case their application is approved, the carer´s allowance is EUR 508 per month.

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Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family

Children attending nursery, primary or secondary school and are members of households, which are eligible to the state material need benefit, can also obtain the meal and school supplies allowance (the application is sent by the guarantor). To get the meal allowance, it is necessary to ask for information by the child´s enrolment to nursery or primary school, while the guarantor or the Office will provide more information about the process.

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Detailed information and the application form are available on the website of the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family

Contacts and opening hours of the Offices of Labour, Social Affairs and Family:

Pomoc druhému DMO

The foundation Pomoc druhému was established in 2005 with a goal of helping children and young adults with disabilities and their families to be included in the society and live a fulfilling life.

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