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Civic initiative:

Social service centre KA, o.z.

We are a registered private provider of social services including services of elementary and specialized social counselling, carer’s service, personal assistance, emergency housing and daily home care. We are ready to help every person in social or material need and we are trying to deliver professional and high quality service.

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Bratislava Archdiocesan Charity

Every day, there are more and more people fleeing to Slovakia from Ukraine. We are not able to help their relatives on the battlefield, relieve their pain and fear, but we can provide them with safe environment, ensure elementary human needs and show them, they are not alone in these difficult times. If you accommodated such persons or know they are present in your surroundings, give them our contact details. We will be more than glad to support them with our „bags of help“ or other assistance.

Line operation hours: working days from 9 am to 3 pm


Bratislava: 0901 720 099

Skalica: 0910 852 249

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