Multiple disabilities

AXIS International Rehabilitation Center

Our team set a goal of doing maximum for our patients and their families. However, our job is not only providing rehabilitation services. Except for developing mobility, speech and cognitive skills of the patient, it is very important to support socialising, motivate, and boost self-confidence and positive energy.

Considering the situation in Ukraine and the displacement of Ukrainians in Slovakia, we are accepting families with children with disabilities who are fleeing the war.

Coordinator: Roman Bas


phone: +421 949 829 23

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Private medical centre Piešťany

Our centre will accept families with children with disabilities fleeing the war. We will provide help with hygiene and by implementing special devices (tracheostomy tubes, PEG, catheters, probes). We offer peer to peer counselling with mothers with children with disabilities who we are already accommodating.

Contact: support is provided by the Platform for Families of Children with disabilities: , +421918787630

Plamienok n.o.

We are a non-profit organization and a pioneer of children home palliative/hospice care, grief counselling and therapy for children and their families in Slovakia. We provide seriously, terminally ill children home palliative treatment and care free of charge. Terminally ill children, who came to Slovakia in the context of Ukrainian war, are offered to be visited by a doctor, nurse and social workers at their place of residence in Bratislava. Parents accompanying these children are also provided with expert consultations.

Contact: Jarmila Kováčiková


phone: 0907 377 808

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