Organizations providing psychosocial services to children from Ukraine with disabilities and their families

Blue Dot – Bratislava, Michalovce, Košice

Integration and Information Centre for Ukrainian families with children established by UNICEF and UNHCR. Their primary mission is to create a safe place to rest and recharge, as well as to provide professional psychological, educational, social and medical assistance to all those who are fleeing war and belong to severely disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.

Bratislava-Bottova 6654/7, Bratislava
Michalovce- Mestská športová hala, 26. novembra, Michalovce-Stráňany
Košice- Staničná 9, Košice

Social services center Krupina

Social counseling (providing an information about financial, material or other support for the clients, accompanying in dealing with governmental issues, interpreting to Ukrainian language at state institutions and so on), expert counseling for the victims of violance, psychological  crisis intervention, therapeutic-pedagogical crisis intervention, ambulatory social service offer,day care center for people with disabilities.

Tel.: +421 903 969 345, e-mail:, Kalinčiakova 781/2, 963 01 Krupina 

Káčko (IP)

Káčko exists in all eight regions of Slovakia and is a contact point for people in crisis situations. It is a bridge that connects different helplines: IPč, Crisis Helpline (0800 500 333), Dobrá Linka and personal psychological help, which people in difficulty can lean on and find directly in Káčko. Children and young people will also find something to do in the physical spaces of Káčki across Slovakia, for example at board and virtual games and regular cultural and social events.

For more information about the individual Káčkys in each region of Slovakia, please visit:

Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities

As an institution which protects the  rights of the persons with disabilities in Slovak Republic we offer help with protecting rights of all the persons with disabilities  ( or long-term health problem) who live on the territory of Slovakia: initiative on the basis of the protection of their rights, legal guidance, advice, mediation of contact with state authorities, public institutions and  non-governmental  sector, if necessary, also assistance and accompaniment through this contact.

Tel.: +421 907 732 923, e-mail:
Račianska 153, Bratislava 831 54            


Civic association accompanying families in need and children in foster care, with branches in Bratislava, Trnava, Žilina, Trenčín, Banská Bystrica and Prešov.

Tel.: 02/52 44 43 61, e-mail:,

Slovak Humanities Council

A national voluntary centre of humanitarian and charitable organisations, civic associations and foundations active in the social field, which provide assistance, services, care, counselling and organise various activities for the benefit of socially disadvantaged people and people with disabilities.

Tel: +421 2 50 20 05 00, e-mail:,

Slovak Catholic Charity

An organisation of 10 archdiocesan charities providing humanitarian, social and spiritual support across Slovakia.

Contact details for each charity in your region can be found at:


Civic association offering tailored psychosocial support for families, including children of refugees with disabilities from Ukraine, in eight regions of Slovakia. For more information about contacts and programmes in your region, please visit:

Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology (VÚDPaP)

Considering how the current situation and information coming from Ukraine impact on psychological condition of our children, parents, as well as teachers, VÚDPaP established a contact line for them (Monday-Friday between 8:00-18:00 at +421 910 361 252), and regularly publishes materials for educators working with children from Ukraine at VÚDPaP experts are providing support by crisis intervention and give advice how to explain the current situation to children.

People in Need (Človek v ohrození) – Košice, Prešov, Žilina and Banská Bystrica regions.

The organization provides psychosocial support, assistance with visiting state institutions, help with searching a job or enrollment in school.

Hotline 0800 601 821 – basic counselling about social and financial help, medical support, living, education, employment and other important for people topics. The hotline operates on working days from 9:00 to 17:00