Impaired hearing

As it is hard to communicate in a new country, we are offering some help through various communication tools.

Here you can download communication cards for children and people with disabilities from Ukraine.

Association of the Deaf of Slovakia

Association of the Deaf of Slovakia offers support while interpreting into sign language and information support related to this language.

It also expresses solidarity and help towards people with hearing impairment coming from Ukraine. This help is provided in several areas, which are summarized at:

Slovak sign language association

In context of situation in Ukraine, our association created a crisis unit SSL – Ukraine. In case of any Ukrainian citizens crossing the border or being at the border and needing help, they can contact us by Whatsapp: +421 944 562 234 or email: where they can be also provided by online consultations and video calls. Afterwards, all the logistics will be figured out by the team, together with specific support needed.

Little Brothers of Francis

Silvester Poliak from the Francis order offers support in sign language.