Physical disability


Together with our international suppliers and many different organizations, the company LetMo provided support to wheelchair users or seniors with limited mobility and allocated funds and capacities to send wheelchairs and their accessories to Ukraine or to displaced people. If you are a humanitarian organization in touch with mechanic wheelchairs users or an individual who needs technical help in this field, do not hesitate and contact us.

Contact person: Mirek Zeman – LetMo SK

Organization of muscular dystrophics in Slovakia

It is the only and specific organization in Slovakia, bringing together children and adults (and their families) suffering from muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases. Our members are provided with expert assistance and supportive background and we are trying to mitigate the consequences of a vast and very serious physical disability. We aim to provide our clients with targeted and complex support, responding to their ever-changing needs related to gradually and irreversibly worsening disease and health condition of a person suffering from dystrophy.

Slovak Haemophilia Society

Slovak Haemophilia Association sent a request via European Haemophilia Consortium, to help people who had to leave Ukraine due to the war. We are particularly providing support while transferring larger amounts of clotting factor concentrates across the boarder helping foreigners and patients with inborn blood clotting disorders to be better informed about their health care services opportunities.

For communication in English and general information about health care services, please contact:

MUDr. Martin Sedmina, doctor – haematologist, vice-president of Slovak Haemophilia Society

+421 907 615 270 (phone calls, WhatsApp, Viber)

For communication in Russian:

Ing. Jaroslav Janovec, president of Slovak Haemophilia Society

+421 905 241 353é-hemofilické-združenie-215047991847203

AXIS International Rehabilitation Center

Our team set a goal of doing maximum for our patients and their families. However, our job is not only providing rehabilitation services. Except for developing mobility, speech and cognitive skills of the patient, it is very important to support socialising, motivate, and boost self-confidence and positive energy.

Considering the situation in Ukraine and the displacement of Ukrainians in Slovakia, we are accepting families with children with disabilities who are fleeing the war.

Coordinator: Roman Bas, e-mail:

Gardenia Daily Center

Center offers full-rage theraputic care for children with disabilities and their families, including special-pedagogical intervention, rehabilitation, massage, oxygen therapy, light therapy, art-therapy, Tomatis therapy, swimming, craniosacral therapy, psychological intervention and counseling on non-verbal communication with speech therapist.

Bardošova 26, Bratislava      

Tel.: +421 950 589 189, e-mail:               

Natália Rehabilitation Centre- Hlohovec

Complex and professional care for children suffering from cerebral palsy (outpatient therapies, rTMS therapy, Bobath concept, TheraSuit method, special pedagogy).
+421 905 960 856

Day Centre „JA SÁM“- Hlohovec

The civic association I Myself provides support to the disabled and their families by providing rehabilitation programs, complementary therapies and aids, counseling, and more. The Centre provides various forms of therapy for children with disabilities (Bobath, TOMATIS® Neurosensory Stimulation, Vojta Method, phototherapy, massage, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO), kinesiotaping, etc.).

+421 918 989 953