Mental disability

Slovakian Down Syndrome Association

Emergency support – help with accommodation for families with children/members with Down Syndrome in Slovakia – private accommodation according to the possibilities of SDS members.

Long-term support – network of contacts – doctors, Down Syndrome ambulance, our members residing close to asylum housing of a family with a DS child

Long-term support – provide requested information in any area to families with DS children in Slovakia – if we are able to help, we will answer all the questions, give advice and gather information


Down Syndrome, o. z.

Our civic association is based on our team, which is trying to create a strong community around families with Down Syndrome. After the Russian attack towards Ukraine a migration wave started. Hundreds of Ukrainian families, mainly mothers with children, are coming to Slovakia. War affects also people with disabilities. Our organization is, therefore, ready to help families and people with Down Syndrome coming from Ukraine.

Mental Health Clinic Calma

Mental Health Clinic Calma offers modern mental health service for adults and children suspecting developmental disorders such as for example ASD, ADHD or learning disabilities. Calma will provide psychiatric care free of charge for children and adults; refugees with disabilities placed in Bratislava region.

Contact person – specialist: MUDr. Veronika Marcinčáková

Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology (VÚDPaP)

Considering current situation and information coming from Ukraine impact on psychological condition of our children, parents, as well as teachers VÚDPaP established a contact line for them. This contact line should help all the people in troubles and have questions about how to manage this difficult situation while maintaining their psychological health. These days, VÚDPaP experts are providing support by crisis intervention and give advice how to explain the current situation to children.