Rare Diseases and Serious Illnesses

Childhood cancer

Light of Hope


Square. L. Svobodu 4, 974 09 Banská Bystrica

Tel.: +421 908 073 073, E-mail: office@svetielkonadeje.sk

Lymphoma and Leukaemia Slovakia Civic Association

Our organization established a website in Ukrainian language aimed on Ukrainian oncology patients and their relatives who crossed Slovak boarders and are looking for help in the area of cancer treatment. Our workers are gathering important information, providing contacts and are mainly trying to assist in cooperation with other organizations and the Slovak government.



Rare diseases

FMF Slovakia

Online support group for autoinflammatory rare diseases (FMF, PFAPA). 


Eliška Kapitáňová, +421 918 350 858, ekapitanova@gmail.com

Slovak Alliance of Rare Diseases

List of centres and experts working on rare diseases in Slovakia: https://sazch.sk/pracoviska-pre-zch/

Rare Diseases Civic Association


Williams Syndrome Society


Hospice and Palliative Care

Plamienok  („Little flame“)

Plamienok is a non-profit organization that is a pioneer of development of children’s home palliative/hospice care and grief counseling and therapy for children and their families in Slovakia. It provides home palliative treatment and care to the seriously, terminally ill  free of charge. Plamienok offers in Bratislava  home visits by a doctor, nurse and social worker to seriously ill children who came to SR as a result of the events in Ukraine.  Parents who accompany these children can use consultations with experts.    

Contact: Jarmila Kováčiková, e-mail: kovacikova@plamienok.sk, tel.:  +421 907 377 808