Support for children under 7 Years

ALTERNATÍVA – Independent Life Centre, n.o.

We support families in time and place needed, it means, anytime after the child is born, if the healthy development is at risk or if there are any signs of difficulties during that time. We visit families in their natural environment, and upon agreement, family can choose to visit us instead. We support child’s developoment in the best way possible with respect to their abilities and skills.

Contact person: Erika Podhorcová, tel.: +421 948 250 834, e-mail:

Address – Ul. Jókaiho 101/1, Lučenec

ATHÉNA o. z.

Complex stimulation of child development, identification of child’s developmental level, providing information about child development and needs depending on the age, type and degree of disabilities, stimulation of development in mobility, perception, communication, adaptive behaviour and play; proposal for alternative communication strategies; environmental adjustment; recommendation and design of the devices and toys respecting individual needs of a child; empowering strengths of children and respecting their limits; supporting parent-child interactions; involving children in daily routines of their families.

Contact person: Mgr. Katarína Klenovičová. tel.: +421 915 950 591,


Address: Klokočova 741, 98101 Hnúšťa, Banskobystrický kraj, Slovakia

Early Childhood Intervention Centres

Early intervention services are social services free of charge (according to the Act No. 448/2008 Z.z.) and are provided to children until 7 years of age and their families in case the child´s development is at risk or threatened due to disabilities. 

Transdisciplinary teams (social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist, paediatrician, and physiotherapist) provides services for children with identified developmental delays or developmental disability. Early childhood is understood as a period up to 7 years ofage. All services are family centred, provided mostly in a natural environment of child and family – home and other community settings.

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MISERICORDIA – Early Childhood Intervention Centre

We are offering social services directly in the families’ homes or as outpatient treatment at our premises. We are adapting to the natural environment of families. While providing our social service we are supporting the families, carrying out development activities focused on mobility, speech, communication and educational counselling. We are also offering elementary and specialized social counselling, lectures, education for parents and the public and rehabilitation. Considering the war in Ukraine, we are creating environment suitable for community and social rehabilitation of displaced people.

Contact person: JUDr. Mgr. Tatiana Štulrajterová


Address: Strakovo 733/6,97652 Čierny Balog, Slovakia

Outpatient treatment address: Nálepkova 1190/7, Brezno, Slovakia

Phone: +421 905 255 735, +421 910 777 194

Raná starostlivosť („Early Intervention“)

An early childhood intervention center for families of children with multiple disabilities and visual impairments.

Tbiliská 6, 831 06 Bratislava – Rača, tel: +421 908 626 001,